Our mission, and we do decide to accept it, is Entertainment, Enlightenment and Preservation!

The Story Collector

The SBS mission is to collect, share and preserve the present and past, intimate, precious and personal stories of the global entertainment industry.  The stories you don't see on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood or on the 11 o’clock news.  We are The Truth Behind The Curtain!  This is a peek inside the personal and true experiences of artists, professionals, celebrities and even some of their fans from the world of show-business.  The things you never knew that happen backstage, on stage, on tour, on set, in auditions, at the stage door, in rehearsals and more…  

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We are truly P A S S I O N A T E about collecting and sharing the personal and true stories from art, Broadway, comedy, dance, film, music, poetry, radio, television and theater.  We hold dear to our hearts, the valuable history of the contributions of the personal stories from the entire breadth of the entertainment industry.  We share real stories from real artists, real professionals and real fans delivered to real people!  All truth - All the time!  It is an honor for us to receive, curate, brand, categorize and archive these amazing stories for your entertainment, preservation and enlightenment. SBS delivers funny, powerful, poignant, inspirational, historical, personal and true stories.

Since the dawn of time, humans have used storytelling to

Communicate, Entertain and to Educate!

It is our mission to become the home for video, musical personal and true stories.  Stories from onstage, backstage, in front or behind the camera, and the production and administrative support teams.  We are the new global home where fans not only get to watch but also get to participate and share their experiences as well.  

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