Let The Good Times Roll (3 Mo’ Divas)

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3 Mo' Divas (Jamet - Laurice - Nova)


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Morgan Bullock Is Not Irish, But She Dances Like It!

#IrishStepDancer #dancer #Riverdance #MorganBullock is a black kid from Virginia that fell in love with Irish Step Dance and become famous dancing on #TicTok. Even though she has received hate posts on social media she is continuing her study and to perform. She has been invited to join the hit show Riverdance. What a #powerful #inspiring #heartwarming showbiz story!

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Michaela DePrince – Triumph over Tragedy – From Bullets to Ballet

#inspiring #ballet #dancer #beyonce #MichaelaDePrince is a Sierra Leonean-American ballet dancer. With her adoptive mother, #ElaineDePrince, Michaela authored the book #TakingFlight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina. What a #powerful #heartwrenching showbiz story!

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Yikes! I Forgot My Lyrics (My Cast-Mates Were No Help)

Hamilton star, Jonathan Groff, tells a a personal and true Showbiz Story of the time he forgot the lyrics to his song while performing in the musical, Spring Awakening, and how his cast-mates reacted! LOL